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Transportable / Mobile Log Homes

Finlog ‘Transportable’ log homes are in fact as true a ‘log’ home as you can get.  Solid log walls externally and internally, choose from double or triple glazing and our highly energy efficient roof system, and long ago in 2007 Finlog proved in law that our transportable log homes (or mobile log homes) fully comply with the caravan act BS3632.  In fact Finlog designed the first twin ridge system that is now so common amongst others.

Finlog mobile homes are made in our own factory in Finland, just like our other log homes and other log buildings, so more of your money goes into the material and not to an agent.  You can choose from all our log types and thicknesses although the most popular log sizes are 88mm and 110mm laminated log.  2016 will see the opening our new office and show centre in Central England.  It’s worth noting that a Finlog home will never have just a cladding on the outside, all our buildings are solid log.  All our mobiles have our 9 part roof system with a tile finish – No Felt!!

Finlog offer a full project management service or we will tailor a service to suit you, we can construct just the ‘shell’ i.e. walls, floor and roof system, doors and windows and you can organise the electrics, plumbing and fittings yourselves.

There are many different foundation systems you can opt for from, a full concrete base and wall system through to a screw pile system, the system you choose will depend mostly on your site but also your budget. 

Please feel free to download our brochure and print if off, or alternatively you can request a copy be sent out to you.
You can call the office at any stage for advice.